Born and raised in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland UK. Moyzie is a remarkably talented songwriter, producer and engineer with a dynamically refreshing sound, adding a unique balance between old and new schools of writing and production. In his early development he began writung and producing music as well as performing in various local bands. His production styles span from 14th century music to R&B, pop, HipHop, Dance and Rock. Presently Moyzie is forging new ground as a producer, songwriter and remixer .. doing what he enjoys the most.... Creating music. The albums above are connected to an mp3 player so you can have a listen. 


So you want to Dance   An electronic blend of beautiful soundscapes and awesome dance grooves, to the grabbing modern lyrics and vocals of a selection of hot lead vocalists. Available at all major online retailers. 

Moyzie: So You Want To Dance

Mankind (work in progress)  A collection of songs emerging from a series of recording sessions over the last few years, the final cut is likely to differ greatly from the chosen tracks here as there are a number of new recordings in the pipeline. 

Classics remixed (work in progress)   An ambitious attempt to remix some classic works using modern sounds and tones with some unexpected results.

 Selection of Video's designed to enlighten and ease your journey through life (enjoy)

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